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Long Residence

final rendering 3

final rendering 2

final rendering 1


This small retirement home was designed with systems, materials and processes to allow the owners to self-perform almost all of the work. Perhaps the most environmentally sensitive project RESET has completed to date, the project exceeds the current federal energy mandates by 212%.  It achieves this the by the use of high-efficiency, locally-sourced SIPS panels for a majority of the building envelope, and incorporates a south facing solar trombe wall that provides 100% of the heat needed for the building passively (read “free”). Additionally, the building utilizes solar electric generation that will provide almost all of the typical convenience electrical supply needs, a solar water heating source, a rainwater catchment system, and finally a grey water recycling system.

The building is currently in the permit review process, and construction will be completed by the end of 2015.