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221 East Indianola Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012
[email protected]


George Catone, an Arizona-registered architect since 1998, founded the design firm Reset Studios in 2005. A native of Pittsburgh, he received his professional degrees from Kent State University and spent the first part of his career in Pennsylvania designing large educational facilities. Relocating to Phoenix in 1996, he worked as second-in-command for two of the Valley’s signature boutique architectural design firms before launching his own studio.

George designs homes, commercial projects and public architecture. His success is built on bringing to every client not only award-winning design capabilities but also effective construction detailing skills that make a design able to be built on a budget. He’s Pittsburgh practical and doesn’t dream on the client’s dime. He has a strong arts-based background and, in the best tradition of architects, engages in a broad range of design activities and relationships that fuel creativity and energize the practice.

Clients say George’s commitment to their projects is unparalleled. They choose to work with him again — and again—citing his fresh design solutions, integrity, amiability and willingness to go the extra creative mile (two if necessary). But then that’s just clients talking.

Our approach to style is simple: it should express a solution. Our designs are inspired, yes, but as a creative response to all the elements and challenges of your project, including budget, schedules, environmental or zoning concerns and — well, you know what you’re worried about. Our job is getting you through it. Reset’s practice is centered on the belief that our best design efforts occur in the context of a collaborative process and that you, the client, are the most important team member. Our clients are as diverse as our projects. We judge our success, in large part, by how many clients choose to work with us again. Right now,  78% of Reset’s clients are repeat or referrals. While Reset’s practice is based in Phoenix and the majority of our work is in Arizona, we have also completed projects in Georgia, South Carolina, California and Virginia— and we have projects on the boards in Texas, California and Utah.

To see if Reset Studios is right for your next project, please request a free initial design consultation by sending an email to:

[email protected]

Or you can request a free proposal. Please include any pertinent project information like type of work requested (i.e. “new construction” or “remodel”), location and size of project, construction budget, and schedule. I’m a proud member of the Co+Hoots family. If your project seems like a good fit, I’d be happy to schedule that free initial consultation and chat about your project.