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Archive for Month: September 2013


Remnant turned into something beautiful and useful. I can almost hear myself think. http://inhabitat.com/leonardo-criolanis-broken-cymbal-lamps-will-bring-a-rock-n-roll-edge-to-any-room/cymbal-lights-2/

Progress Photos: Magowitz Front Entry

  Progress photos from the developing entry sequence work at one of my favorite projects in Scottsdale. It is turning out incredibly well, and Stephen and his crew at FLO Design + Construction is doing amazing work on both the planing installation as well as the constructed elements.

Awesome Dichroic Glass Fins, even if they are at Ohio State

http://blog.archpaper.com/wordpress/archives/69429 A campus chiller’s prime directive is to pump torrents of cool water, not to look good. But thanks to an inventive skin of dichroic glass fins and high-sheen concrete panels from Ross Barney Architects, the Ohio State University’s south campus central chiller does both. When the project was first […]

Stahl House: Landmark Status

http://blog.2modern.com/2013/08/finally-landmark-status-for-stahl-house.html The most astonishing architectural news this week wasn’t that Pierre Koenig’s Stahl Housewas amongst 10 Case Study Houses awarded landmark status by the National Register of Historic Places, but that this masterwork wasn’t already on the list. Was it really possible that Case Study House #22, immortalized in Julius Schulman’s 1960 photographs, was awaiting protection […]