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Archive for Month: May 2010

Wild Roses

This picture is from one of my favorite clients, and it makes me so happy I had to post it. Their remodeled house in Virginia Beach has this amazing  dune leading to the water’s edge that blooms this time of year with a gorgeous burst of color from the wild […]

Art studio – container style

This might be my favorite shipping container project so far. This really takes advantage of the properties of the container without being limited by them. The basement becomes a solution for the grade as well as a fantastic base to attach to. If my backyard looked like this, I’d love […]

Recycled Cork Flooring

I love this product. Cork flooring has always been a favorite of mine, but this reuse of wine bottle corks is particularly beautiful. Here is the link to the full story from Inhabitat – http://inhabitat.com/2010/05/13/recycled-wine-corks-make-stylish-penny-tile-flooring/ Penny tiles are a popular look for interior flooring. While ceramic and glass are often used […]

Residential Remodel – Phoenix, AZ

Here are some progress images of a project we are designing to the master suite of a cool house in Phoenix. The Owners have some great requests and want an “everyday spa” feel – not too indulgent, but certainly comfortable and usable. This really has turned into a fun little […]

Biking summer almost here

And more cool bike images on a Friday as we get closer to being able to come into the office without the car again. Love this one. http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/04/15/chainless-electric-and-so-urban/ and this one from VW http://www.fastcompany.com/1632669/vws-first-ever-two-wheeler-fits-in-your-spare-tire-compartment?partner=homepage_newsletter

Guitar Amp Computer – This would be dangerous

I don’t think my studio mates would enjoy this much, but what a cool addition this would be  to the office. Love the sound of these amps, too. C’mon recession, enough already. Daddy needs a new amp. http://www.orangeamps.com/features.asp?ID=163