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Archive for Month: November 2009


Updated project rendering – 34° N

Another project rendering update – I guess it is officially a theme this week. Here is the upgrade to the GCC rendering. This one has the best head of steam in the office right now it seems, and we are working through CD’s now. Construction is set to begin in […]


Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

These are images from the bridge dedication at Carnegie Mellon University for Randy Pausch. Randy is the author of “The Last Lecture.” Although this is important and worthy of mention all on its own, there is a reason it is on my mind today and I’m posting about it as […]


Updated project rendering – MOSS

Here is the progress of the design for the Museum of Science and Sustainability. We are anticipating a dome-shaped shell with a green roof. The shape will be staggered to allow for a relatively easy installation of the prefab green roof palette containers, and will provide for a very interesting […]


Australian Architecture Awards – 2009

Here are some incredible examples of the award-winning work coming out of Australia right now. These are really confident pieces, and perhaps that is the reason I am drawn to them as the design industry here in Arizona is the probably the furthest thing from “confident” that I have seen […]