Felli Residence: Blaine Drake


Reset Studios was hired to provide master planning services to incorporate new site amenities to a ¬†locally-significant home in Scottsdale designed by Blaine Drake. The owner wanted to add a new garage and separate guest suite to account for a new modern family use, and to visually connect the backyard to the interior uses in a way that hadn’t been realized in the original design, but still stay true to the original intent. The design solution was to create a sympathetic new structure housing all the new required functions that was completely separated from the existing jewel, and to make a small portal connection as a means of connecting the interior circulation. ¬† The new roof line mimics the existing, and the large extended overhang creates a huge all-weather covered outdoor area that becomes the new transition space from interior to exterior.

Final SD - View 5 Final SD - View 6 baseplan - final SD - MP site plan ortho Final SD - View 2

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