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Providing Shelter

Unemployment is rising quickly. The value of the dollar depreciates. Inflation is about to explode.

For most of us, these things are conceptual in nature. They might have an residual effect on our behaviors in some token way, but mostly our lives continue on unchanged. For a quickly growing part of the population, though, these things contribute to and reinforce a reality that most of us can’t begin to imagine.

Homelessness is guaranteed to be a growing problem in the coming years. The struggling economy creates a circular scenario where there are more people in need and less money available to help. If you’d like to make a difference, see one of these links below.

Locally, I have been involved in various fundraisers for this group in the last few years – http://www.lodestardrc.org/. They are an amazing organization, and gladly accept any size donation on their website.

If you have more time available than money, please send me an email. We are currently organizing a local Phoenix chapter of Architecture of Humanity (http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/), and need a large group of volunteers.

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