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I guess the world is going to be fine after all


Recycled Cork Flooring

I love this product. Cork flooring has always been a favorite of mine, but this reuse of wine bottle corks is particularly beautiful. Here is the link to the full story from Inhabitat – http://inhabitat.com/2010/05/13/recycled-wine-corks-make-stylish-penny-tile-flooring/ Penny tiles are a popular look for interior flooring. While ceramic and glass are often used […]

Underground Earth House

This is just beautiful, and worth linking to. I love the gesture to incorporate the felled trees into the retaining wall, and wanting those spots to decay naturally. Korean architect Byoung Soo Cho has built an underground house outside Seoul. Called Earth House, it’s not as fancy as some iterations of […]

Lebbeus Woods – Real live drawings

This from Lebbeus Woods’ Blog – reposted here mostly because I can’t believe I almost forgot how beautiful this drawing style is, and was reminded again today as I was researching. The full link here: http://lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/high-houses/ The High Houses are proposed as part of the reconstruction of Sarajevo after the […]

Chair Tattoos? These are so beautiful

  Far Coast Furniture Raises Awareness of the Pine Industry at the Olympics from INHABITAT by nicanor Students at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD) designed these pieces of beautiful furniture for Far Coast Coffee’s (Coke’s coffee brand) social areas at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The furniture is made entirely […]

Airstream Mobile Office

These guys have it right. 100%. Right down to the Balvenie in the cabinet. Love the pics, and the work looks really nice, too. The company is a design and branding effort called One Fast Buffalo, and I am pretty bummed that they have such a very cool mobile office, […]


“Never, never, never, never give up.”

This is one of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes, and it is quickly becoming a solid mantra for 2010. Even though this isn’t really about architecture, the link below reminded me of that quote. It is an excellent  reminder that sometimes your long-term win may not have anything to do […]


Website Update – 2010

Finally, 2010 is here. Finally. 2009 was such a rocky year for the architecture industry as a whole, that it seems even little changes appear like big ones. While I was really busy over the holiday season working on a project deadline (in addition to eating too many cookies), I was also […]


Thou shalt not covet

I’ll stop posting new cool bike designs on Fridays on two conditions; 1-When they stop coming into my RSS reader. 2-When the weather here isn’t 110 degrees anymore, and I can ride my own into work and stop wanting other bikes. This is a great design with a different spin, […]


Core 77 – just love this…

Handmade and produced in a limited edition of 25, this NY manufactured bike is based on a worksman cruiser frame, and was customized by Core 77 with: Stem and pedals from Brooklyn Machine Works, maker of high-end, indestructible parts Brooks saddle and Dapper Dan grips, both leather, provide unparalleled feel […]