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Residential Remodel – Phoenix, AZ

Here are some progress images of a project we are designing to the master suite of a cool house in Phoenix. The Owners have some great requests and want an “everyday spa” feel – not too indulgent, but certainly comfortable and usable. This really has turned into a fun little […]

More containers – OceanScope

Sorry, I know I have been a little fixated on these lately, but this is just a beautiful installation. Perfect for the context without the need for additional skin, and the lighting of these really make it memorable. The link to the full story on Inhabitat –  http://www.inhabitat.com/2010/02/17/beautiful-shipping-container-sunset-observatory-rises-in-south-korea/ This beautiful […]

Finding the New in the Old.

I found this project as I was doing some design image research for a rural green community in Arizona. I liked it so much, I thought I’d post it. Combining the new with the old has always been an expected architectural talking point, but one really takes notice when the […]


Pittsburgh: A New Portrait

So I am one of those people mentioned in this book review that fled from Pittsburgh, but I still have a place in my heart for the city I was born in. In Phoenix, we have a book published by the AIA that documents the historic and important buildings in […]


Rev it up

Here are some progress images of the design for Gila County Chopper. The second floor deck is going to allow for incredible views, and will double as extended display areas for bikes on special occasions. The new masonry wall that has been added is reusing existing masonry that is on […]


A Place to Sleep

This organization is focused on trying to solve the housing problem in a way that is certainly more sustainable, but sure to incite.  By using shipping containers that are left in ports (it is cheaper to build new ones than to ship them back), they are re purposing the containers […]


New Construction Pics – Keiser Residence

Here are some additional photos – things are moving right along. It looks like things will be ready for the exterior modifications and the landscape soon, which means that the yard will look great just about the time that the temperature here in Phoenix goes from broil to beautiful.


urbanSHED – New competition

This is an interesting competition, and I’m going to try and squeeze this one in. From the Bustler blog: “The urbanSHED International Design Competition challenges the global design community to re-think the current sidewalk shed standard and create a prototype worthy of today’s New York City. We invite engineers, architects, […]


Keiser Residence – Progress Photos

Hard to believe, I know, but there are actually people in town that are building things. Yesterday I received a set of progress photos from Debby Keiser, and I was so excited to see them. I’m glad she agreed to let me post them here. This project included adding a […]


HFH LA – New designs

Here is an interesting way that another Habitat for Humanity location is solving their design problems. In addition to the typical HFH plan books, these additional designs have been created to deal with the LA vernacular. These look great, and are a real upgrade to the plans they typically have […]