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Material Sensibility: Jewel Box Villa

The architects maximized the use of the long and narrow lot by splitting the building’s main volume into different levels with an outer shell structure topped with a hipped roof. Its shell takes up most of the heat-gain during the hottest hours of the day, while the transparent western facade […]

Long Residence – Dewey, Arizona

This small retirement home was designed with systems, materials and processes to allow the owners to self-perform almost all of the work. Perhaps the most environmentally sensitive project RESET has completed to date, the project exceeds the current federal energy mandates by 212%.  It achieves this the by the use […]

More to Calabria than Pasta

This is a really excellent reuse of existing infrastructure, and is a beautiful example of how great design adds value and importance to our lives. So now you can go to Calabria for the amazing food AND the excellent thought. A bridge that repurposes abandoned viaducts, produces energy AND looks […]

My old stomping ground – Excellent PGH work

This is very close to my first professional office out of school, and makes me want to return to see the other changes to South Side. Wouldn’t be too bad to take in a Steeler playoff game, either. This from inhabitat.com – http://inhabitat.com/modern-biophilic-sunroom-heats-a-19th-century-pittsburgh-house/ This nifty greenhouse and sun room sits atop a […]

Energy Efficient PreFab: Huf House

From the Inhabitat blog, this is a great prefab system now being represented out of Cleveland, OH. I’m interested to see what the prices per square foot are, but the system really allows some beautiful spaces. German company HUF HAUS is offering gorgeous green houses to the masses by bringing Bauhaus […]

Green Building – Coolidge, AZ

Here is an update on an exciting project in Coolidge, Arizona. Coolidge is a town of about 12,000 people 50 miles south of Phoenix. I’m working with a landowner there to develop about 60 acres into about 48 new 1 AC home sites. The houses will take on the rural […]


Updated project rendering – 34° N

Another project rendering update – I guess it is officially a theme this week. Here is the upgrade to the GCC rendering. This one has the best head of steam in the office right now it seems, and we are working through CD’s now. Construction is set to begin in […]


Updated project rendering – MOSS

Here is the progress of the design for the Museum of Science and Sustainability. We are anticipating a dome-shaped shell with a green roof. The shape will be staggered to allow for a relatively easy installation of the prefab green roof palette containers, and will provide for a very interesting […]


GCC – Initial design strategies

Here are some progress images of the beginnings of the design for the cycle / brew pub project in Strawberry. We are working today on making some changes after our conversation with the Owners, but I thought these might be interesting to post, and we can watch the design progress […]


Alternative Energy Center – Rendering

Here is the rendering that we just finished for the Alternative Energy Center in San Jose, CA. This is a really exciting project, and we are anxious to start the next phase after a fund raising period that will hopefully be a short one thanks to images like this one.