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SkySong lands 2 restaurants: Bitters

http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/dining/2017/04/13/new-york-bagels-n-bialy-bitters-join-new-skysong-restaurant-complex-scottsdale/100044484/ We are really excited about this new project at Skysong. Click the link above for more information. The very first tenant to be going inside an excellent new commercial shell by Brick and West that faces Scottsdale Boulevard, Bitters Bar and Restaurant is going to be an awesome new hangout […]

Magowitz: Exterior photos

Just adding these to the mix of fun shots at this Scottsdale residential remodel.  

Felli Residence: Blaine Drake

Reset Studios was hired to provide master planning services to incorporate new site amenities to a  locally-significant home in Scottsdale designed by Blaine Drake. The owner wanted to add a new garage and separate guest suite to account for a new modern family use, and to visually connect the backyard […]

Progress Photos: Magowitz Residence

Here are the great photos of the interior work at the Magowitz residence.

Progress Photos: Magowitz Front Entry

  Progress photos from the developing entry sequence work at one of my favorite projects in Scottsdale. It is turning out incredibly well, and Stephen and his crew at FLO Design + Construction is doing amazing work on both the planing installation as well as the constructed elements.


Future career for architects – Modeling?

This is great. I don’t need to be concerned anymore about my dwindling retirement savings. When we go through the next big recession, I can close up shop and start pimping gear. Awesome – I feel much better now. Vito is the NY artist that worked with my previous boss and […]


“Revolution, baby.”

As I am working up a plan to try and salvage a large-scale residential project by taking a more in-depth look at the pro-forma (no small feat considering how land and housing prices have changed), I am reminded of the design successes we had on a similar project in Tempe […]


Rethinking Adjacencies – Scottsdale 52

This project is comprised of 52 previously independently-owned lots in Scottsdale, Arizona  immediately south of a very famous (and very cool) boutique  hotel. The buildings have fallen into disrepair, and the tenants – in the buildings where there are actually tenants – range from hard-working illegals to dazed crack heads. […]