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This spec home designed for a local developer incorporates a grand courtyard entry to set the tone for the outdoor living provided all around this home. The name “sbMOD” was designated to indicate that we were taking our primary design cues from the surrounding context of existing housing stock style […]

Material Sensibility: Jewel Box Villa

The architects maximized the use of the long and narrow lot by splitting the building’s main volume into different levels with an outer shell structure topped with a hipped roof. Its shell takes up most of the heat-gain during the hottest hours of the day, while the transparent western facade […]

$2300 Tokyo Pallet Office – Hiroki Tominaga Atelier

Office renovations no longer have to cost thousands of dollars. Japan’s Hiroki Tominaga Atelier was approached by a video production company to design a temporary office space at the base of a nondescript building in Tokyo. The client rents the space for an exorbitant fee, so the brief called for a flexible […]

Long Residence – Dewey, Arizona

This small retirement home was designed with systems, materials and processes to allow the owners to self-perform almost all of the work. Perhaps the most environmentally sensitive project RESET has completed to date, the project exceeds the current federal energy mandates by 212%.  It achieves this the by the use […]

Reset Teaser: Coming soon

Exciting new offering coming to Downtown Chandler. More on this  soon.

Shed: Mountain Bikers Design Pro Prefab Sheds in Colorado

                            Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and his wife Heather Irmiger are professional cyclists with a heap of titles between them – and they have at least eight mountain bikes each. Since the bikes were eating up so much of their living space, […]

Good to see you old friend

Ran across this as I was searching for a old needed cad file on an old hard drive. A sort of homecoming. I missed this one. This is a rendering for a home plan set that I created back when people actually were wanting these and building things. Hey economy […]

Reset: CFL

These are really excellent, and the quality of the light is much better than the greenish hue from typical CFLs. See the link below for more photos in contextual settings. Dezeen filmed this interview with the team behind the Plumen 001 light bulb, winner of this year’s Brit Insurance Design of the Year […]

More to Calabria than Pasta

This is a really excellent reuse of existing infrastructure, and is a beautiful example of how great design adds value and importance to our lives. So now you can go to Calabria for the amazing food AND the excellent thought. A bridge that repurposes abandoned viaducts, produces energy AND looks […]

anti architecture

This is probably too much of a reveal into my psyche right now, but lately I’m really drawn to solutions that approach a complete reduction of style. The siting of this building is fantastic, and the resultant spaces are wonderful. It is a good reminder that the simple engaging of […]