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Seattle Eco Townhomes Post Gains

Rising house prices? Really? Even though this is about a different locale than Phoenix – good news is good news.  This is an excerpt from the Seattle Times that explains how a local green certification program is helping to support effective development. http://www.ecohomemagazine.com/green-building/seattle-built-green-homes-grew-in-value-in-the-last-two-years.aspx


Providing Shelter

Unemployment is rising quickly. The value of the dollar depreciates. Inflation is about to explode. For most of us, these things are conceptual in nature. They might have an residual effect on our behaviors in some token way, but mostly our lives continue on unchanged. For a quickly growing part […]


Sustainability Myths

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=top-10-myths-about-sustainability Here is a link to an excellent article from Scientific American. It is a great read and reminds me that to properly solve a problem (any problem), it needs first to be properly framed. My favorites are: Myth #2: “Sustainability is all about the environment.” Myth #6: “Sustainability means […]


Rethinking Adjacencies – Scottsdale 52

This project is comprised of 52 previously independently-owned lots in Scottsdale, Arizona  immediately south of a very famous (and very cool) boutique  hotel. The buildings have fallen into disrepair, and the tenants – in the buildings where there are actually tenants – range from hard-working illegals to dazed crack heads. […]


gimme shelter

These are submission entries for the design project sponsored by the Phoenix Arts Commission. I’m not sure what is happening with City budgets anymore, but it would be great to see these interspersed throughout the city in street and park settings.


The Case for new Case Studies

The need for revolutionary housing solutions may be one of the most important issues we face as architects in the upcoming years. In my article “Density=Destiny: Broadening the Local Sustainable Discussion” written in 2005, I outlined how the leaderless sprawl that had governed the Phoenix, Arizona growth plan for the […]


The changing architectural landscape

Michelle Kaufmann, the darling of the latest prefab movement, has fallen on hard times. Even in these hard economic times where up is down and change is constant, I think this is one of the most significant and clear signals about the future of this practice.  http://blog.michellekaufmann.com/?p=2147 I didn’t fully understand […]


New Reset Studios blog

Welcome to the new blog of Reset Studios – a modern architectural design practice based in Phoenix, Arizona. Of course we have a website (www.resetstudios.com) that outlines the basics about the practice (projects, info, references), but it is admittedly “static”. This blog is intended to be the complement to that […]