221 East Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 899-1099 contact@resetstudios.com

Case Study Apartment Building



Designed for a developer friend, this small infill development leans on the lessons learned from MCM masters to create vibrant, effective but beautiful living spaces in the heart of Phoenix. Thoughtful development of the front parking area gives a limitation to the space┬ádedicated for vehicular parking while still meeting the City of Phoenix minimum requirements. That limitation allows four small but perfect units to be placed in a way that allows easy engagement with fellow tenants, but also┬áprovides a large private exterior patio for each unit. The private patio not only allows natural light into the units, but also extends the living space for each. Space at the back of the lot has been reserved for public functions – BBQ and cornhole areas for those nights when more extroverted entertainment is in order.

The materials used are honest and exposed, with a nod toward long-term maintenance.


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