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Awesome 2015. Supercharged 2016.

Thanks to everyone for making 2015 such an incredible year for Reset Studios. With a new company record of a whopping 305,000 square feet that received design attention from the various studios last year, it really feels like the foundation is being set for a complete evolution of the company.

2015 brought new exciting residential projects as expected (10 total), and we were blessed to have thoughtful and mindful clients – they were really, really exceptional. We are still in our campaign to photo document all of those projects once completed in a way that matches that care that was taken by both designer and owner, and we can’t wait to get those images posted for everyone to see. As excited as we always get about the residential work, 2015 will have to be remembered as the year that the commercial studio exploded. We always have tenant improvement projects going on at any one time, but this was certainly a watershed year for the studio in terms of outputting the amount of projects that we did. True to form, we did it in a way that created repeat clients, and the repeat clients are large and not Arizona-restricted. Nationally, we will be working on two more design projects for cellular phone carrier MetroPCS (a subsidiary of T-Mobile). Also, we have completed four remodel design projects already (in Oklahoma, Colorado, Michigan, and California) for a massively-popular hotel chain with over 4,000 hotels internationally, and are slated to create at least twelve more remodel designs in 2106 across the country. I am most proud of the fact that we really tested (under fire!) the things that I keep preaching as imperative to the success of a small, modern company like this – scalability, agility, and responsiveness. We love to design buildings. Thankfully, we also love designing the processes behind producing those buildings that we design, and gladly, it shows.

Couple all of that goodness with the fact that we already have 73,000 square feet of new design work under contract leaning into 2016 – a new restaurant, a great brewery remodel, a medical office, and more hotel remodels – and there is great excitement that we will beat last year’s record, as well as deep humility.┬áThank you again to all our wonderful clients in 2015 for entrusting us with your important and personal projects. We are ready to make 2016 even better.

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