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Shed: Mountain Bikers Design Pro Prefab Sheds in Colorado

















Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and his wife Heather Irmiger are professional cyclists with a heap of titles between them – and they have at least eight mountain bikes each. Since the bikes were eating up so much of their living space, in 2006 the couple decided it was time to build a better home for them – a stylish structure that would double as a workshop. Jeremy was completely dissatisfied with the limited options available to him, so he put his engineering background to work and set about building an outdoor storage shed that would satiate his appetite for quality design. More cost effective than completely remodeling their 1950s ranch house in downtown Boulder, Colorado, the resulting shed was hugely popular. Their friend Mike Koenig loved it so much that he convinced the globetrotting athletes to start a new business. Today, nearly a decade later, their company Studio Shed ships pre-fabulous storage sheds to most parts of America. In addition to double-paned low-e clerestory windows that provide ample daylighting and a super tight envelope, their structures produce very little waste – so little, in fact, that the construction debris of a 10×12 foot shed fits into a standard garbage bag!

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