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This is probably too much of a reveal into my psyche right now, but lately I’m really drawn to solutions that approach a complete reduction of style. The siting of this building is fantastic, and the resultant spaces are wonderful. It is a good reminder that the simple engaging of the site is all the context that is ever really required.

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The Aloni house finds its inspiration in the landscape of the Cycladic Islands, which were shaped in the past by earthen retaining walls erected to create land fit for farming. Deca Architecturedecided to incorporate this traditional building typology into the design of the house, and the result is a structure that resonates with the topography of its site while taking advantage of low-impact materials that impart high insulation values. The single-level 240 square meter home features walls made of retained earth that regulate the interior temperature thanks to their high thermal mass, while a green roof provides further insulation from the bright Mediterranean sun.


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