Art studio – container style


This might be my favorite shipping container project so far. This really takes advantage of the properties of the container without being limited by them. The basement becomes a solution for the grade as well as a fantastic base to attach to. If my backyard looked like this, I’d love this little studio.

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Wow! We knew that shipping containers could be used to build beautiful buildings, but this art studio by MB Architecture in Amagansett, New York is truly gorgeous. The artist had a limited budget of $60,000 to work with and wanted something close to home that was both functional as a working space, but would also be inviting and reflective. The exterior is kept very simply as the shipping container, but painted gray for a sophisticated look and a way to blend the container into the wooded environment. Inside, bright white walls act as a blank canvas for new artwork and ample daylighting streams in through the large windows on either end.

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