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Energy Efficient PreFab: Huf House

From the Inhabitat blog, this is a great prefab system now being represented out of Cleveland, OH. I’m interested to see what the prices per square foot are, but the system really allows some beautiful spaces.

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German company HUF HAUS is offering gorgeous green houses to the masses by bringing Bauhaus style to factory-made green homes. The company’s signature post-and-beam construction allows for big open spaces, and they serve them up with solar panels and even an optional geothermal heating system.

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One thought on “Energy Efficient PreFab: Huf House”

  1. They run around $400/sq.ft.. The reason I know this is that fellow classmate Shelli Overly, now Shelli Kolbe along with her husband are bringing this product to the states. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

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