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Website Update – 2010

Finally, 2010 is here. Finally.

2009 was such a rocky year for the architecture industry as a whole, that it seems even little changes appear like big ones. While I was really busy over the holiday season working on a project deadline (in addition to eating too many cookies), I was also able to devote some time to a long-neglected part of my practice – my web-presence. The website has been redone to be a closer match to the feel of the actual practice. There are hand drawn elements that  give a sense of the craft I try to bring to each project, as well as a new logo that I think better exemplifies our modern sensibilities. A balanced mix of craft and technology is the message that seems more visually concise now. The project pages now have larger and fewer images, and I’ll be adding more info and projects in the next month, so be sure to check back. And it feels really good to have the monkey off my back.

If you want to take a test drive, click here – www.resetstudios.com. If you have a comment, let me know. You can now leave that right from the website, too.

The new year is starting, and things finally feel like they are going in the right direction. Now if I can just get rid of those extra holiday cookie pounds, I’ll really be in business.

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