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Haiti Rebuilding Efforts – AFH

Here is the work that HFH has been doing relating to the Haiti efforts, and here is the link if you would like to make a donation through the group’s main website – http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/

“Dear Chapters,

We’ve been, as you all know, most busy for the last week.  I wish to provide you with an update on the status of our collective efforts.  Please pass along this information to your chapter members and public.

1.  We’re hoping to hit the 100K donation mark by the end of the week.  The response, in donation and design services, has been phenomenal.  We wish to thank all of you for spreading the word – whatever you have done via web sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is working tremendously well.  It’s wonderful.

2.  In the event you have not seen it, here is Cameron’s latest update: http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2010-01-17-haiti-quake-a-plan-for-reconstruction

3. On the fund raising front, several things are in the works for our Austin, New York and Miami chapters.

  • Austin: This upcoming Wednesday, January 20 @ 7:30 at the Paramount theater, there will be a special showing of the film “One Piece at a Time”.  This film was produced by Turk Pipkin (http://nobelity.org/) and features Cameron and AfH projects with Nobelity.  Turk, with the amazing assistance of the AfH Austin chapter, is donating 100% of the evening’s proceeds to Architecture for Humanity Haiti Rebuilding Efforts.  You don’t have to be present – you may purchase a $10 ticket and support the cause!
  • New York and Miami: With the large Haitian communities in both cities, our New York and Miami chapters are organizing fund raising events.  We have tentative venues identified and the respective chapter members are hard at work on the details. I’ll provide an update when things are firmly in place.

4.  FOR ALL CHAPTERS: Turk Pipking is making his film available to all chapters for the purpose of fund raising events.  So everyone of you could hold a hold a screening of One Peace for the Architecture for Humanity Haiti Rebuilding fund.  This could range from home screening with 20 people to any size venue you can find – churches, community centers, local cinema, whatever. There is an online sign-up athttp://www.unityandpeace.org/ set up by the film’s distributor, Monterey Media.  The site is to reflect this sometime tomorrow so be on the lookout for it.

5.  Last we are looking to open up a design/rebuilding Architecture for Humanity studio in Haiti.  Chapter members would be invited to volunteer on site and provide design services.  Please note that this would be at the chapter’s cost (or member’s).  We will provide further details on this once we’ve identified the location and specific projects.

Thank you all again for all the hard work on our behalf.

Frederika Zipp
Program Manager
Architecture for Humanity
848 Folsom Street
Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94107
off: 415.963.3511
mob: 415.990.4242

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