Gila County Chopper – New Client


I’d like to take a moment to welcome some brand new clients to the RESET family – Gila County Chopper. ┬áRocky and Mo at Gila County have plans to open a new and bigger shop in 2010 for the creation of their amazing rides (see images below), and they want to incorporate a craft brew pub and small cafe on a lot in Strawberry, Arizona. The site is absolutely amazing, has incredible panoramic views, and seems perfectly situated to take advantage of all the seasonal motorcycle traffic along highway 87.

And the best part is this – they are really concerned about sustainability. They want to touch the ground lightly, reuse/repurpose some of the salvaged materials on site, and incorporate as many environmentally-sensitive practices as possible. ┬áThis is going to be an amazing project, and we’ll post regular public updates here if you’d like to follow the progress.

GCC - The Gecko

GCC - The Gecko

GCC - The Lizard

GCC - The Lizard

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2 thought on “Gila County Chopper – New Client”

  1. bellplaza says:


    Gila County must obviously realize what a “cool” and “hip” architect they have found in you. Good luck wth the project and by the way….I think you need to buy a cool bike!

    1. wide grin (bugs in teeth)

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